We believe in music – all kinds – from old school rock n roll to new school hip hop, country, blues, pop and everything in between.


We know there are many creative, talented people out there that have the desire to make a living from their music. Regime Entertainment Group is here to help them.  From production, promotion, music licensing, distribution, management, booking and more, our goal is to help you take your music to the next level and beyond.


Anyone can do a job, but those who do it well love what they do.  It's about a commitment to the music itself and getting it out to the people it needs to be in front of...to us it's not just business because we’re still actually fans of great music.


Our goal is to provide honest, fair and effective representation to our clients. This may sound unusual in the world of entertainment, but being fans of music, we want to help get the music out to as many people as possible and have everyone benefit from the process – the artists, the production staff, the promotion and booking teams and ultimately the fans as well.


The overall goal is to create a system that benefits everyone and serves the music.


Too many artists have been taken advantage of in the past by unscrupulous individuals and companies.  Our clients go through ‘Music Business 101,” an overall lesson in how the music business works, the many people involved in bringing an artist to the general public’s attention, ways to create fan loyalty and more information to help them on the road to their musical success.


We strive to educate our clients so we can be even more effective at helping to grow their careers.  A good working understanding of the business overall helps everyone to work together better as a team because everyone realizes the important role everyone else plays in the artists’ success.

Our Company

Monique Roy


Monique Roy is a brand builder.  After 15 years of marketing Fortune 100 companies like Times Mirror (at the time, the parent company of the Los Angeles Times) and helping to build several start up companies into million dollar ventures, Monique began working with musical artists, using her personal knowledge of the music industry to help artists develop their own brands and become successful in their own right.  Over the years people have recognized her talent and she has been brought in to consult with Boulder Creek guitar manufacturer and other musical instrument companies, streaming media companies, record labels, video promotions companies, television shows, and movie productions.  With over 25 years of experience in the music industry as a songwriter, artist, producer and manager, Monique has dealt with almost every aspect of the music industry and developed relationships with top talent in all areas including production, songwriting, sponsorship, music publishing, festival and tour promoters, publicists, background singers and session/background musicians at the highest level all around the world.


Mark Thorsell

Director, Music Licensing

Mark Thorsell has helped build Regime Entertainment into a premiere music sync library. Mark is the company's main liaison to the film and advertising communities, working with music supervisors and account reps to find the perfect piece of music to fit their current project. He also is a builder of Regime's catalog, helping to find top quality songs that will fit the unique and diverse music needs of films, television and advertising, including recent cuts on Necessary Roughness, Woody Allen's "Fading Gigolo", House of Lies, 4 songs in Jay Z (unauthorized) documentary “A Genius Leaves the Hood” and a new custom created theme song for Kickboxing champion Tyrone Spong.  He was a panelist at the 2013 Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Fim & TV Music Conference.  Mark has been involved with the music industry for over 20 years, supporting artists and songwriters in a variety of ways.  One of the main reasons he joined Regime was to help give artists on many different levels an opportunity to make some money off their music through sync licensing.  He enjoys sailing, golf, and turning people on to the next great band.


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