Tyler Stenson

Born in Lander, WY and raised in Oregon, Tyler Stenson is a bold, lyric-first singer/ songwriter in Portland that draws a profound influence from his roots in the humble West. Raised a vocalist by his musical mother and a perfectionist by his father the architect, Stenson's unique brand of "Elegant Folk" music is the fitting result of his upbringing -- wildly creative but ever wrangled by his maniacal attention to detail and the desire to design things differently.  Stenson has learned one thing through his decade of experiences and performances: Lyric is King.

Stenson has twice been named the "Songwriter of the Year" by the Portland Songwriters Association (2007 and 2008) and "Best Male Artist" at the 2011 Portland Music Awards.
  With songs landed on two separate national Chevrolet commercials and a handful of others placed on internationally televised shows, he's toured the four corners of America.

Reigning Days

Having started their gigging career supporting Mercury darlings Metronomy, Devon-based three-piece Reigning Days have quickly established a reputation as a formidable live act. The words "epic" and "stadium sound" are often used to describe their performance. Their first single “Changes” received glowing reviews and was play listed at regional, national and specialist radio stations across the UK. The single’s video was also play listed by music channel Q Music.

Reigning Days has showcased at Musexpo to rave reviews “Reigning Days were fantastic to say the least… the live show certainly was VERY IMPRESSIVE and songs sound great too.”As a direct result of their great performance at Musexpo, the band now have singles coming out in Europe and Australia and music placements in major feature films.
 Reigning Days are already set to perform on the main stage at a number of festivals as well as a number of festival headlines in the South West.

Kyle English

After spending time performing in and out of bands over the years, Kyle English decided to place more focus on a solo career. Since setting out on his own, he has been able to hone his craft; finding a voice and style that, upon hearing it, is easily identified as his own. Kyle independently released the Indian Summer EP and Innovitory Live EP.

These releases and the subsequent videos offered a number of other professional opportunities. His single, "Sophia" has been placed in rotation on ClassX Radio, leading to a featured review in NKY Live Magazine, which calls his release, "fresh...with a red hot melody". Other songs on the album gain acclaim for their "sophisticated lyric base" and "folk guitar flare".Kyle is currently in the studio finishing work on his new 13 song album. This album will continue to expand on the style that fans are familiar with, yet reflect a growth in both writing and production. 

Maggie McClure

Singer/songwriter/pianist Maggie McClure has had songs featured on TV shows such as Dr. Phil, Cougar Town, The Real World, The Vineyard, and The Hills, in TV movies like Hallmark Channel's My Christmas Love, and in feature films like Cowgirls N’ AngelsA Cowgirl's Story, and Christmas in the Heartland. Her smooth, confessional songwriting has made her a natural for these formats.

McClure's highly anticipated upcoming EP entitled "Color it Up" is inspired by the joy of life. "So often we miss out on the joy in life because we don’t recognize it in the small everyday moments. I hope this EP encourages people to take notice of the everyday joy in their own lives," confides McClure. 

McClure has opened for Sara Bareilles and sung the national anthem at multiple NBA events. Additionally, she recently made her on camera feature film debut in SONY’s A Cowgirl's Story as well as her international commercial debut in a new Sam’s Club ad. McClure has also been featured in such high profile media outlets as Huffington Post and AXS. 

Matthew Szlachetka

Matthew Szlachetka is one of Rolling Stones' 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know, describing his forthcoming album as "a soundtrack for both the highway and the heartland... a collection of road-dog roots-rockers and Americana ballads inspired by the people (and places) he's left behind in the rearview mirror."

Szlachetka's music is a blend of classic rock with modern singer songwriter elements. His music is less about stylized production and more about its experiential nature with inspiration in the threads that connect us, a tapestry of familiar moments that pay homage to the past while leaning into a future that promises both wonder and grace. In his lyrical creations you'll hear elements of Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley, John Prine and Jackson Browne with songs that hit home emotionally and take you on a journey.

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